Hospital-Based Anesthesia

The “Beachfront Property” for a hospital is the operating suite. Economic pressures, governmental requirements, and challenging payor demographics demand sound, strategic management of your Surgical Department. What you need is a reliable, cost-efficient and quality-driven anesthesia service partner. Concordia Anesthesiology, Inc. utilizes leading edge, point-of-patient service electronic data tracking technologies to stay current with Pay-for-Performance contracting, physician quality reporting initiatives, and operating room metrics. Quality, value, safety and accountability are key requirements in order to contain health care costs.

Concordia is committed to providing hospital-based anesthesiology services that set industry benchmarks for accountability, performance and quality. Our objective is to deliver patient-centered, evidence-based anesthesia protocols with a keen focus on maximizing efficiencies and bolstering your bottom line. Simple anesthesia coverage/staffing models is not what we offer. Rather, we custom create a comprehensive Perioperative Management model that drives other cost saving initiatives for your facility.

Each facility is physician-led and managed by an Anesthesia Director who is the liaison between the anesthesia department, surgeons, nurses, and hospital administration staff to ensure your facilities mission and goals are met.

Office-Based Anesthesia

Advancements in technology, innovative surgical techniques and pharmaceuticals have changed the way physicians manage and perform surgical procedures. Many procedures are now done in an office setting. This practice not only results in reduced costs, but also increased convenience. 

As the number of non-hospital setting procedures increase, anesthesia services must keep pace with un-compromised service over a wide variety of procedures and locations. Concordia is committed to providing their office-based patients the same level of care that they would receive in a hospital setting.

We know that private practice physicians require the highest quality and supremely reliable anesthesia services to properly care for their patients. Our office-based service is managed by an anesthesia director who is committed to maintaining the highest standard in quality while addressing the specific needs of our private practice physician partners. Count on Concordia to provide seamless anesthesia services for your facility, with no interruptions due to illness or vacation.


Chronic & Interventional Pain Management Services

Based on well-known and accepted data, pain is one of the most under-treated medical complaints. Interventional pain management is the use of invasive procedures, often with the use of x-rays, to treat and manage pain. We use these techniques as an adjunct or alternative to narcotic therapy and surgical intervention. Concordia implements long-standing methods and more innovative techniques in the treatment of acute, chronic, and interventional pain management.

Concordia is dedicated to alleviating pain for patients who suffer from severe, acute, and chronic pain through innovative anesthetic treatments. Our goal is to help patients improve their quality of life. We focus on relieving pain with anesthesia when the patient’s body does not respond to traditional methods of treatment.

Each patient is assessed and diagnosed based on the nature of their pain. We then produce a treatment plan that includes procedures, medication, and/or a combination of therapies to help bring about a successful and long-term patient outcome. This longer view of successful patient outcomes is why we continuously reevaluate the patient to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment plan, and assure the long-term success of your pain management service.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

As practicing clinical anesthesiologists, we have a great deal of experience practicing in successful, ambulatory surgical center environments. The unique demands of ambulatory and outpatient procedures are second nature to us, as is the need for increased physician, surgeon and patient satisfaction. We are experts in utilizing regional anesthesia techniques to reduce post-operative nausea and pain.